To drink or not to drink - facts about what to drink on a drinking diet, the essence of the technique, advantages and disadvantages

Can you end obesity once and for all? Anything is possible using the method in this article.

In their quest to lose weight, women are unmatched when it comes to ingenuity and hard work. Some are so eager to shed excess pounds that they are consciously prepared to forego any food and prefer to go without drinks for several days or even weeks. Such a technique really corrects the figure and relieves the body of excess ballast, but is such a risk justified?

In this article, you will learn what the essence of a drinking diet is, what to drink in a drinking diet, the advantages and disadvantages of the method, and what a drinking diet is harmful to the body.

The essence of technology that cannot be eaten

Drinks and broth for a drinking diet

What is a drinking diet? The makers of the technology offer anyone who wants to lose weight to give up solid food in favor of healthy low-calorie drinks, and in the classic version such a diet lasts for 30 days.

At first glance, this method of getting rid of extra pounds seems absurd, but then fine words about removing toxins and toxins, cleansing the body and losing weight up to 15 kg take over.

Everyone decides for himself what is more important to him. So, before embarking on a drinking diet, it is important to compare all the pros and cons, and identify real benefits for yourself, without being tempted by loud statements from the creators of this weight loss system.

It is the beautiful statements about how much you can lose weight with a drinking diet that urge people to act hastily.

The list of what to drink during a drinking diet is as follows:

  • still mineralwater;
  • boiled or filtered water;
  • natural compotes and fruit drinks without sugar;
  • homemade fruit jelly;
  • freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices without sugar;
  • Berry, fruit, vegetable and grain smoothies;
  • Meat, chicken, fish, vegetable or mushroom broth;
  • green and black tea, milk tea;
  • fermented milk beverages with a low fat content;
  • Herbal decoctions and infusions.

What shouldn't be eaten on a drinking diet? Any solid food is forbidden. According to the philosophy of this technique, the problems of all overweight people have their origin in coping with stress.

The solution turns out to be simple: if you stop chewing, you can shed those extra pounds. Therefore, in addition to drinks during a diet, you cannot eat anything, except perhaps soup puree. Thanks to this fact, any reasonable person will understand how dangerous a drinking diet is.

This nutritional principle really allows you to get rid of 10-15 kg per month, but essentially it is nothing more than an ordinary conscious hunger strike. A person loses weight not because toxins and toxins leave their body, but because of the meager caloric intake that is insufficient to carry out physical and mental activity. As a result, fat reserves are used as a natural "source of fuel".

The real effect of why the technology is dangerous

What are the harms and benefits of a drinking diet? Therapists and nutritionists agree that this method of losing weight can cause serious health problems, even if all organs were initially in excellent condition. Therefore, everyone has to decide for themselves personally whether it is necessary to lose 15 kg per month when you then have to spend years on a treatment that does not always turn out to be effective.

The creators of the diet promise the following: in the first days of the diet, hollow organs, namely intestines, bladder and stomach, are cleansed of toxins and toxins, then harmful compounds leave the dense organs and in the last stage (last) week) there is cleansing on cellular onesLevel instead.

This statement is a beautiful myth from the first to the last word. Initially, there is no waste or toxins in medicine. Ask a doctor how to remove them from the body and you will hear a long talk on how to stop believing in loud advertising messages and pay attention to the really important things.

Slag is a waste product from mining. This impressive term is used by supplement manufacturers to increase sales of their products.

Interesting!There is no such thing as toxins in anatomy, dietetics or any other area of medicine, so there is nothing to remove from the body.

There are poisons, they get into our bodies with food, air and water. However, to remove them, the above-mentioned hollow organs are used, which are up to their task, unless a person has a serious incurable disease that hardly leaves time to think about their own figure.

Vegetable smoothies for the drinking diet

Thus, a drinking diet does not remove toxins and toxins from the body. It really contributes to the appearance of lightness in the stomach, which the creators of technology position as a sign of cleansing the body, but do not try to eat anything all day and the result will be the same.

In favor of the developers of the method, we can only say that before starting a drinking diet, they carefully advise to consult a doctor. They argue that only absolutely healthy people with a prepared body can withstand such a technique. How exactly one can prepare him for a month-long hunger strike is silent.

In addition, the creators of the diet recommend taking vitamin and mineral complexes during weight loss, which will make it possible to make up for the lack of nutrients previously ingested with food. But make no mistake - pharmaceutical preparations cannot meet the need for such components even at a minimal level if there are no solid products on the menu.

Benefits and harm, advantages and disadvantages

the girl drinks weight loss water by the hour

The only benefit of a drinking diet is that in addition to the fact that it actually sheds a lot of excess weight, it also develops willpower.

If you have been able to go a month without solid food without ever pulling yourself away, then this is commendable. Only all admiration for fortitude pales in comparison to what the drinking diet harms the body.

In order to lose weight without harm to health, a person must consume 1200 kcal a day, provided that there is no physical activity. The diet involves the use of 2 liters of high-energy drink per day. Even the most high-calorie "dish" of this diet - pork broth - contains only 40 kcal per 100 g of product, which clearly does not meet the daily requirement. At the same time, you can not constantly drink broth - most often the menu includes drinks with a caloric content of less than 20 units.

In connection with such an energy restriction, the body experiences a breakdown. Exhaustion develops, leading to headaches, dizziness, weakness, apathy, and even loss of consciousness. All of this is clearly not going to lighten up getting rid of extra pounds.

The condition of the skin deteriorates due to the lack of fat in food (like other nutrients, they are only important in limited quantities for health). Dryness, peeling occurs, dermatological diseases can develop, for which there is a predisposition. Hair also suffers - it becomes split and brittle and falls out more.

The lack of protein negatively affects the condition of all organs - cells are destroyed, not restored, the synthesis of some enzymes and hormones is disturbed. To prevent this from happening, the body begins to use up dry muscle mass, which makes the muscles flaccid. After losing weight with a drinking diet, sagging skin appears in place of the previous fat deposits, and no movement can quickly restore muscle relaxation.

The abundance of fruit, vegetable and berry drinks on the menu may seem like a pleasant and tasty substitute for solid foods at first glance. In large quantities, however, such "dishes" often trigger allergies, even if they have never occurred before. Citrus fruits and red fruits are especially dangerous. In addition, fruit acid has a negative effect on the condition of the stomach and tooth enamel.

Slimming water bottle

Any fast, even if it is brightened up with tasty drinks, is an enormous burden on the body. You can not resort to this method, even to get rid of 10-15 kg - it is not worth your health. By avoiding solid food in the diet for a long time, cells of vital organs can die, which lose up to 75% of their activity. The restoration of the natural state then proves to be extremely difficult and not always possible.

It should also be noted that after a thirty day drinking diet, a two week exit begins. This means that solid foods are gradually added to the diet.

This is positioned as additional weight loss by the makers of the technique, but this is just a continuation of a stressful situation for the body.

If you neglect this rule and immediately return to the previous menu after completing the diet, the result will not be better. An organism that slows its metabolism due to a hunger strike will store a large amount of body fat when the experiment is repeated. Because of this, the lost weight returns quickly.

Is there an alternative?

If a drinking diet is so obvious and so harmful, why is it there? The answer is simple: demand creates supply. Many people follow this technique without understanding its intricacies, which is why it then does not reap the most pleasant fruits. However, there are some positive aspects to this weight loss system.

Drinking water for weight loss

If you do not follow a drinking diet for more than a week, there will be no particular harm to health.

It is even more rational to regularly plan 1 day of fasting with low-calorie drinks so that the body feels better after consuming food that is not very healthy for a long time.

If you want to lose weight in addition to discharging, then you can choose a gentle version of the drinking diet, which is calculated for a month. In this case, 2 non-consecutive days are selected every week on which only low-calorie drinks are consumed. On the remaining days, a rationally balanced menu is put together without fried, fatty, salty, smoked foods and other harmful products.

Important!There is also a two-week version of the method, but it's not as recommended as a thirty-day version.

An important principle can be distinguished from the drinking diet, which really helps to lose weight and improve the body - you need to drink plenty of water every day, at least 1. 5 liters. It should be clean water without gas, for example mineral water, filtered or boiled. All other drinks are not included in the daily fluid intake.


The drinking diet is not one of the balanced and health-promoting ones, it cannot be adhered to for more than a week in order not to harm one's own body. The classic 30-day option is not approved by any doctor, so those who choose to adopt such a nutritional system act at their own risk and peril. A lot of 15 kg is not so much, such a result can be achieved with proper nutrition and regular physical activity. Make it take longer, but your health won't suffer.